Christmas bazaar at Gersheim Comprehensive School Germany

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This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our famous and very popular Christmas bazaar. Ten years ago this day was established to raise money for Sarnelli House, because word had reached our ears that Father Mike Shea needed money to rear and feed "his children" properly and give them a good education – in short: a chance for the future.

Gersheim Comprehensive is a small school, but one with a well-functioning school community and with very active children, teachers and parents. So what started with a tiny effort has grown with the years to be a veritable big, bright, and cheerful event.

Kids' jewelry

Parents' cafe

From autumn on, students start preparing all kinds of items which can be offered to make Christmas time homely and festive. On the day before the first Advent Sunday, the school hall is transformed into a market place where you can buy Christmas decoration of all kinds, hand-made candles, Grandma's Christmas cookies, honey and jam from the school garden, and handicraft products, some made at school and others at home. To enjoy the hungry shoppers there is coffee and cake in the Parents'  Café, there are pancakes sweet or  spicy, there's hot punch for the children (non-alcoholic, of course) and there's cold drinks. School choirs make sure you don't forget it's Xmas.

School garden

Wendy and the hot chickens

The whole place is humming with happy people from the school and the nearby villages – happy because there are so many pleasant things you can get there at decent prices and because everybody knows that the money taken in is sent to a place where it will be of good use.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Barbara Baumgart

in the name of the school community

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