Outreach activities (July 2008)

Every last Saturday of the month all the families supported by the Outreach Program are invited to an activity day. Most of them make their way to Don Wai and to Fr Shea's house. For the month of July it was no exception. This time there were toys to give out, exercise books and gifts from abroad. The children participated in games set up by the office staff and sat down and wrote grateful thank you letters to generous sponsors. School books were given out, and towels and underwear from the CWA (Country Women's Association) Australia. After all the activities, lunch was provided to a hungry horde. These are families affected by AIDS, some have HIV themselves and some have lost relatives to AIDS. The Outreach program provides financial assistance to these families - for their children's education, health care and food, all thanks to the generous support of sponsors and donors who give so these families may have the basics in life.



 dishing out the lunch


 giving out school books


 giving out towels and underwear from CWA Australia


 let the games begin


 lining up for lunch




 more dancing

toys from overseas

writing thank you letters to sponsors

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