School Holidays at Sarnelli House (March 2009)

Stephanie and the runts

Activities for the month of March, the beginning of a 2 month break from school, has included English Lessons which the kids love, as they all want to be able to speak English. This was taught by Anya our German volunteer with some help from Zoe and Helen from the UK, Stephanie from Switzerland and Chris from Germany over the last few weeks. There are 2 lessons twice a day with the girls in the morning – about eight 10 year olds who are very keen and well behaved mostly, except when the boys knock on the windows and tease them. The afternoons are a bit more of a challenge keeping the boys’ shorter attention span occupied. Gradually the girls and the boys came in together which proved noisy and challenged our volunteers’ mediating skills.

Anya and the boys

Bee studying hard


T-shirt painting at Nazareth House was done with the help of Chis and Forrest, 2 visitors who came up from Bangkok for a long weekend. The girls at Nazareth really enjoyed it and love their T shirts, especially Cebo – who designed her T-shirt to say “I love Fr Shea”.

Mut creating

The final result!

Painting was another activity with the aim of pasting the paintings on cards and selling them to raise money for Sarnelli. Chris and Forrest did a great job of organising this activity and we now have over 100 beautiful, individually painted cards to sell.

Forrest assisting with creation

Gow and his painting

Face Painting is always a favourite with the children and this time proved no exception to the rule. The Ninja and Spiderman look were the most sought after, with resident artists Anya and Forrest doing a great job. Many of the kids had their faces painted, strutted around very proudly, then went and washed their faces and came back to stand in line for a second go. Eventually the kids started to create their own designs on each other and any unsuspecting victim.


Anya, Forrest and Kate with Sawn and Oil

The House of Hope got into the action as well, with Stephanie taking balloons, bubble making guns and colouring in books over. It was mayhem for a while until everyone was sure they had something of their own, before they spied something better someone else had, then the troops had to be called in to bring about order.



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