The Pool

The pool behind the House of Hope has finally been finished, and opening day was today. Thanks to the generous money left to Sarnelli House specifically to build a pool by Creston and Kanya Smith in Creston’s will, and with the financial support of Mike Mouton, the children can pass the hot season being wet. The salt water pool has a big wire fence around it, a shower room and 2 toilets. With 165 kids keen to get in the pool, the staff have written up a roster and given designated days and times for swimming, so as to create some order out of what would be chaos.  Over the last few weeks Fr Shea has threatened, cajoled and pleaded with the kids about the importance of showering and going to the toilet before going into the pool! Another episode of young Kane from the House of Hope leaving a big, brown floating surprise in the toddler’s pool is not appealing.

Today the Sarnelli girls had their first swim from 3pm – 4pm. They all have new swim suits and even though they started off a bit shy; they soon forgot their modesty in the thrill of being in the water. They dutifully showered and went to the toilet before stepping into the pool. Most of the smaller girls stayed in the shallow end, but the bigger girls ventured up to the deep end with kick boards and life vests on. The pool was full of squeals, shouts and laughter as everyone got totally water logged.   At the end of the hour the girls got out without complaint, showered and dressed again. There was only one comment overheard between two little girls, said rather proudly, that one of them had peed in the pool. It was inevitable, but hopefully Fr Shea will not be beating his head against the wall too hard.

April 12 2010

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