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December 2009

Dear Friends!

   Christmas is looming up frighteningly fast! We have plenty to be thankful for this year, as we kneel in front of the crib. Mostly, we are thankful for kind, generous people like you who helped us keep our heads above water! It was…

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November 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

    For Americans, Thanksgiving is a sacred tradition where people gorge on turkey, trimmings, stuffing, pie and Rolaids. We Redemptorists, Thai, Vietnamese and Americans will continue that tradition over here at our annual Novemb…

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October 2009

Happy Halloween from Sarnelli House!

The runts are deep into their school vacation, and they have had some short excursions. This past Sunday saw them at St. Eileen church in the Nongbualampoo mountains. This is the place they will go camping over New…

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September 2009

Hello from Sarnelli House!

I have been back home in Thailand for three weeks, and it feels like three years! It was great seeing all the kids and know they are doing so well, healthwise. Maggie, our smallest runt (2 months old), is healthy but still h…

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August 2009

Hello friends,

This month we had another new addition to the House of Hope. Previously it seemed that the new House of Hope opened in 2008 was built on a very large scale, but now the method in The Rev’s madness is clear. He could foresee the ongoing…

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July 2009

Fr Shea is greatly missed while on his annual trip back to the States. Thanks to the good management of his loyal band of workers, they are able to keep all the children and staff on track with the day to day running of such a diverse organization as…

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June 2009

I have been writing of a lovely little girl named “Bomb”. Bomb came with her destitute AIDS infected mother, several months ago. They lived in a veritable pigsty, and Bomb has AIDS, oral herpes and TB of the lymph gland on her right neck. Bomb is muc…

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May 2009

This is the wonderful time of year when the rodents go back to school! This past week was wild, as children prepared their school back packs, and uniforms had names sewn on the blouses. Hand-me-downs were re-sewn and shoes polished and repaired. The …

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April 2009


School is out, and the natives are restless! Some of our kids are lucky, and relatives take them home for a while. Others, the majority, have no one. These little tykes can only look on with envy as those more fortunate get to spend t…

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We had a great Valentine's celebration, with Fr. Chuck Beierwaltes, who joined us in January, shelling out money for a pizza party. The Great Unwashed back-hoed pizza, pop, ice cream and cookies with great gusto, and little ones…

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January 2009


Before Christmas, I had warned the runts that it was going to be short rations, because of the grim state of the economy. But, thanks to so many people, they received nice gifts, and also had a big Christmas party. They partied for hou…

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