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December 2010

A blessed Advent to all!!
 Like every event these days of my winter years, Advent is flashing by rapidly. Our Fr. Chuck told the kids about all their sponsors and people who pray and donate throughout the year, so as to help them. I had previously to…

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November 2010

It has been two months since I wrote! I was asked to return to the U.S. to represent Thailand in the elective convocation in St. Louis. Since the ticket was paid and the elections held in a hotel close to our nursing facility 30 miles south of St. L…

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Autumn 2010

 The latest news from Sarnelli House! Little Jonah, born at 6 ½ months, has now passed the 9 month stage (from conception) and is growing normally and looks more like a human being! As for the rest of the Horde, on weekends I have the girls out pulli…

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September 2010

The rains, due in the latter part of May, have finally arrived near the middle of August! We planted rice until the August 15 deadline. We will have about 30% of our rice paddies unplanted. Also, the early planting wit…

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August 2010

 Happy St. Alphonsus Day!

August 1 is the memorial day of St. Alphonsus Liguori, who founded the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. Our logo for Sarnelli House is actually the logo for the Redemptorists. I am proud and humbled at being chosen b…

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July 2010

Greetings from the Don Wai desert!

The monsoons still have not arrived to this part of Thailand! The Surin province is devastated. This is the province, east of us, that plants the famous Hom Malee rice. We have seedlings that have to be planted, so w…

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June 2010

Time goes by so incredibly fast. Saturday and the children’s Mass with a prepared talk comes on frighteningly fast. I thought time was supposed to slow when one got old! I just got the cover for Piyanoot’s grave, and it has her photo on it. I told th…

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May 2010

Greetings from Sarnelli House! 

 This is the month that our web master, Brother Joe Ole, takes his perpetual vows as a Redemptorist, and is ordained a deacon in Minburi, just outside Bangkok. I am sure you will join all of us at Sarnelli House in co…

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March 2010


I am back in Don Wai, after two weeks freezing in Wisconsin! I flew back to visit Fr. Larry Patin, my best friend in Thailand, who is now at St. Clement’s Health Center in Missouri. I left on March 1 and returned on March 20. I spent 4 d…

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February 2010

 February has so far been a cruel month. My best friend over here, Father Larry Patin, who was running the Redemptorist social work in Pattaya returned home and was diagnosed with cancer of the brain. That really devastated me and all Larry’s friends…

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January 2010

Hi from Sarnelli House!

When I was in the novitiate in De Soto Missouri, back in 1959, we called February the “tunnel month”. The weather was too warm to ski or ice skate, and too cold and muddy to do anything else. Also, usually close to Lent, it…

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New Year 2010


In my Christmas letter, I mentioned that we have plenty to be thankful for this year. Mostly, we are thankful for kind, generous people who helped us keep the Thundering herd fed and watered, and for other myriad expenses that seem…

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