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December 2011


December 5 was the King’s 84th birthday, and his birthday is also “Father’s Day in Thailand. The kids had a ball putting off really good skits and dances. They rented dresses, etc. Father Chuck, Maytee, Ole and I had our wrists tie…

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November 2011


 Halloween has come and passed. It is, surprisingly to me at least, the most popular party we have! Each house (all 6 of them) makes food of some sort to bring to the party. This year, we had our new rice and it was st…

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September 2011

 Hello from wet and rainy Nongkhai!
            We just received what might be the last donation for our annual fund raiser. It is from Ceboride, a 120 mile one day bike ride held in July in Wisconsin that generated over $90,000 this year; a record…

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August 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!

                This Friday is Mother’ Day in Thailand, and also the date of the Queen’s birthday. It is a bittersweet holiday for almost all of our orphaned children. Some still have mothers, but the mothers ar…

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July 2011

 Dear Friends,

                I hope this letter finds everyone well and happy! The year is sailing past so fast that I can’t seem to get anything done that I want. I suppose it is old age, incompetence or both. I have a new paris…

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June 2011

 Let the monsoons come! We have our fields all plowed and disked down. Our two new fish ponds are gathering water. We are just waiting for a bit more rain and we will plant rice….two months earlier than last year!

     The three newly ordained Red…

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Easter 2011

Happy Easter!

     Here at Sarnelli House, we have already received an Easter gift. The Srinakarin hospital asked us if we would take in a 13 year old little girl who both has AIDS and is blind from the virus attacking her optic nerves. Her nick name…

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April 2011

School is out, and the kids are all over the place. Climbing mango trees; trying to pull down coconuts; biking, swimming and going on mini excursions whenever the chance arises. We have a great group of volunteers during this school vacation, and the…

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March 2011

Hello from hot, smoky, dusty Don Wai! The hot season has arrived and there are less than two weeks from the end of the school year, and the natives are getting restless. This is the time when tearful girls (never the boys; their report cards are alwa…

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February 2011

 Happy Ground Hog’s Day!

          45 years ago, on February 2, I landed in Bangkok’s Don Muang airport with a black serge suit and a heavy black over coat. Don Muang was a small airport then; just two stories, and on the observation deck were wait…

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January 2011

Happy New Year!!
                It was with great pleasure I watched the Sarnelli House truck loaded with urchins departing for school on Jan. 4! We entertained them at their Christmas party on Dec. 25, and then after Christmas took them camping. I …

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