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December 2017 update


               We are in a frenzy of preparation! We have 160 + children, and 14 of them are babies. We also have 88 children in our Outreach Program. Right now, we are stuffing bags of candy for Christmas, and each older…

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November 2017 update

Happy Thanksgiving holidays to whoever celebrates, and Thanksgiving week is traditionally the time that the Redemptorist Brother and priests, plus some seminarians, join together for a week of meetings, retreat and a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I …

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October 2017 Update

Hello from wet, dank, damp Sarnelli House! Usually, we report on sick children, but now some of our staff are ill. Gung, our super woman who has her finger on everything and is number two in charge and amazingly everyone respects her, gave birth to a…

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September 2017 Updates

To all the friends of the children at Sarnelli House,

I have been back a little over 4 weeks, and it is as if I never left for the U.S. The problems I left behind were waiting for me upon my return, plus some new ones! But is was great to get back…

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August 2017 Updates

I arrived back from the U.S. to Sarnelli House on Saturday afternoon, July 29. I was gone 10 weeks, and that was about 4 weeks too long, but I had a great time! I had a harrowing journey back. I flew from Milwaukee to Detroit, and the Delta plane was…

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June 2017 Update

Hi from Eden, Wisconsin!

I arrived in the U.S. nearly 5 weeks ago. Time is shooting by fast. I am done with my medicals, and am deemed in good health, and no sign of Alzheimer’s….yet.  Save for the infants and rug rats, the children are all in sch…

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May 2017 Update

‘Tis the merry month of May, and so far this month, the Thai authorities are sending us 5 kids, arriving here just before school starts. A 13 year old raped by her stepfather, a little boy with HIV/AIDS, a little guy orphaned, a boy and a girl abando…

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April 2017 Update


Last month’s letter had bad news on poor little Muay, and this month, bad news continues. One of our boys who is studying in Nongkhai got into a bad accident. His motorcycle was hit by a pickup, and his leg was broken in three places…

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March 2017

I must apologize for being so tardy with my monthly letter to you folks. But, I am writing with tragic news. We took in a Down’s syndrome girl 2 and ½ years ago, named Muay, who died on March 3 at the Nongkhai Provincial hospital. She had a septic in…

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January 2017


THE EXCITEMENT OF THE TRADITIONAL New Year is over, and now, we have Chinese New Year to deal with. It is not a good time to travel. I was contemplating on going to Bangkok for a Scripture seminar, …

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