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December 2018 Update


In my advanced old age, it seems my boyhood memories are sharper, and recent memories are often clouded. My grandma used to talk of “hardening of the arteries”, and now people talk about Alzheimer Disease. I hail from East Central Wisc…

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October 2018 update

Dear Friends of Sarnelli House,

              Thank you so much for tuning in for the latest news of the children of Sarnelli! They are 153 of them, and they eat like wolves. Our rice fields have so far received sufficient rain, and now a hot sun …

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August 2018 update

Greetings from rainy, soggy Thailand!

I am sorry that it has taken so long to write an update on our website. I had written one on our Barn Mass and Ceboride while at home, but the message disappeared into cyberspace!

When I went home near the …

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June 2018 update

I just took in a 5 year old crippled girl with AIDS and a damaged heart. She is 5 years old but only looks like she is two. School has opened, and we have outfitted a batch of kids for the new school year. Besides our own Sarnelli kids, we have nearl…

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May 2018 update

Dear Friends of Sarnelli House!

              It has been raining a lot here in Northeast Thailand, so the trees have leaves, the dust and smoke from paddy fires is gone, and the grass is now green. The tractors are out plowing the fields and our …

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April 2018 Update


              April 13-16 was traditional Thai New Year, with all the Buddhist countries in the area celebrating as well. The temperatures were high, and the parched earth was rewarded with a big storm that turned g…

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March 2018 update

Greetings from Don Wai village,

I am writing this month’s update as Fr. Mike has been a bit unwell in recent weeks. On March 3rd, Fr Mike exhibited minor stroke symptoms. His cousin, Michael O’Connor, Michael's wife Janet and daughter Elizabeth we…

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February 2018 update

    By the time you read this, I will have been in Thailand 52 years. Unbelievable. If I had known that I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself! I am in my 80th year, and recently twisted my kn…

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January 2018 update


              Christmas, with its Masses and village celebrations and a party for the Sarnelli kids, has passed. The feast was preceded by weather that got down to 8 degrees Celsius, and today it is much warmer; but not enough for…

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