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December 2020 update

Happy Holidays!!

    We have one month left of what is, I think, the worst year since the Second World War. In Thailand, we were spared the ravages of the Covid virus, but not the economic fallout. The drought killed about 70% of our rice crop, wh…

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November 2020 Update

Happy Thanksgiving Day!
    Granted that there is much to NOT be thankful for this miserable year, we can at least thank the Lord for survival, so far. It seems the world has lurched from pillar to post the whole year, from one crisis to another. …

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October 2020 Update

   We had a real tragedy a little over two weeks ago. On Monday evening, (September 14) about 7:30 pm, a terrible incident happened near Sarnelli House. A man from the village hung himself on the basketball court, using rope from the volleyball net. …

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September 2020 Update

September 2020

    I can’t recall a duller month than this August. No kids got seriously sick or got into serious trouble. Five babies and toddlers at the House of Hope came down with Chicken Pox, but all are ok now. Even the staff stayed healthy.…

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July 2020 Update

Dear friends of Sarnelli House,

    Thailand has had only 58 deaths from the coronavirus, so they are opening schools starting today. The kids are actually looking forward to going back, even the boys. The lockdown kind of got to us all.


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June 2020 Update

June 2020

    June starts out as another miserable month, when everyone is suffering from the coronavirus; whether they are sick, have lost jobs and lack help for food and rent. So far, 8 of our children have returned; two of them are quite ill wi…

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May 2020 Update

May 2020

    Usually, we are out cackling “’tis the merry month of May”, but with this accursed virus darting around, there is nothing merry about these times. I must admit that although Thailand was the first country outside of China to announce …

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April 2020 Update

 APRIL  2020

              It certainly is a different world just since my last letter. Except for one Dutch couple, our volunteers and guests have all departed. Paul and Chrissy, our German volunteers from the APO Lutheran church in Oberhausen …

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March 2020 Update

    The children are almost all out of school. So we have two months planning activities and riding herd on over 150 kids. They all have their special wants and needs, and workers on our aging staff are hard put to stay up with them. Just so t…

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February 2020 Update

 Feb. 3 , 2020

              In our Redemptorist novitiate at De Soto, Missouri, in 1958-59, we used to call February the tunnel month. February had miserable cold, damp Missouri weather; strict Lenten fasts, and seemed to be a year long month. T…

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January 2020 Update


              We had a nice Christmas. We had 18 volunteers and guests at dinner the evening of December 25 at Charlene Richard House. I bought a turkey at a supermarket in Udorn. A girl who works there cooks the bird, and makes s…

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