February visitors

Rylee Doucette and Madi Sass, from the University of Wisconsin and both in their 5th year of medical training, came to run workshops for the staff and teenagers on basic hygiene for the care of small children. They worked hard preparing and presenting six workshops with a translator and they also were able to streamline the diaper changing station at House of Hope, as well as buy much needed hygiene products for all the houses. A huge thank you to Rylee and Madi for their expertise and generosity. And best of luck with all your future studies!

Caroline and Roderick Theseira from Singapore visited and joined in the fun and games at House of Hope giving the children lots of opportunities for extra play time and hugs. Thank you for your generosity. Thank also to their circle of friends who made kind donations to Sarnelli House.

Kevin and Brigid Shea came to visit their big brother, Fr Mike. It had been a while since Kevin last had a chance to visit so it was great to welcome them both here

We also had a visit from Tex and Marci Lierly from the USA. Tex has known Fr. Mike for decades and they spent a lovely time catching up on their shared history. And one of our volunteers, Lars from Germany, welcomed his father for a brief visit before they headed off for some father and son diving practice on the islands in the south.

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