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1 Sarnelli House's Youtube Channel

Sarnelli House (2015)

Sarnelli House (2014)

I love Thailand: Father Mike Shea (2010)
(a Thai TV program, Thai speaking with English subtitled)

2 Organizations:

Welcome to Sarnelli House (2013)
by Thai Children's Trust UK

Planting Rice at Jomps Farm (2012)
by Thai Children's Trust UK

Sarnelli House project (2009)
by Thai Children's Trust UK

Christmas carols from Viengkhuk Girls' Home (2009)
by Thai Children's Trust UK

Sarnelli House (2012)
by Redemptorists, Australia

3 From our friends

Children at Sarnelli House
by 2019 APO volunteers

Songkran - water festival (2016)
by Ben

Christmas Party (2012)
by Ole

Holidays with Sarnelli Kids (2012)
by catmanlol5000

Swimming (2011)
by Ole

The Kids at Sarnelli House (2009)
by Linsalicious

Song "Children" (2009)
by Sunny Castillo

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