50 Years a Missionary Priest

On Saturday 23rd January the annual Church Feast for St Cornelius Church in the village of Pi Si Tong was held. Fr InTee the pastor, combined the Bishop’s visit for confirmation and meeting the people with the opening of the new open air sala (in Thai) or pavilion. This was officially named the Fr Michael Shea Pavilion. The sign in Thai over the new pavilion reads “The Fr Michael Shea pavilion. 50 years a missionary priest,2 February 1956-2016”.  The blessing by Bishop Joseph Luechai Thatwisai and then the official ribbon cutting ceremony was beautifully done and co-ordinated by Fr Intee. Before and after the confirmation mass there was dancing and greetings with all. The ladies from the parish – many of whom are staff from Sarnelli House danced through the small village street and lined the road for Fr Shea and the Bishop to walk to the church. The little girls from Jan and Oscar danced and the girls from Our Lady of Refuge Home for Girls as well as girls from Nazareth House all were made up in traditional Thai and local Isaan costume and delighted all the guests with their dancing. More than 10 priests from the local areas came to concelebrate mass and share in the celebrations for Fr Shea. Lunch was provided on a grand scale as all the local ladies set up tables and bought huge saucepans of local food to eat which the crowds and the kids loved. Football matches were played between rival parishes (unfortunately Sarnelli House team lost). The village partied well on into the night and the kids enjoyed their day of abundant food, music, dancing and mixing with their friends.


January 25th 2016