An inspiring week of education

Ruamrudee International School (RIS) from Bangkok with 8 students and 3 teachers descended on Sarnelli House again in April. They came for their teaching camp and they came prepared. The students were enthusiastic and eager to help the children at Sarnelli House with their Thai lessons and they made it fun and enjoyable for the group of children who did not have homes or families or camps to go to over the holidays. Fr Bird accompanied the group to Sarnelli House and he was welcomed back by all the children who remembered when he was stationed here a few years back. With all the lesson plans and stationary and new ideas, the group also bought with them a trampoline for the children of House of Hope. It was set up on the front lawn of House of Hope and immediately there were kids everywhere staring in awe at it - it was definitely the first of its kind in the village. A few of the  housemothers seemed to be shivering with apprehension when  they looked at it as they imagined heads cracking and bones breaking. But so far so good – the trampoline has proved a huge hit and there have been  no major injuries incurred. This year there was enough rooms available at Charlene House for the students and teachers so they didn’t have to stay in Nongkhai. Every morning at 8am at the Mary and Joseph Hall, the day started with exercises and games and then flowed into reading and writing and finished at 3pm. The students continued into the evening among themselves reviewing their day and planning the next one.  Despite the heat in the high 30s Celsius, the kids really enjoyed their week and attached themselves to the students who were so welcoming and interested in them. It was another great and worthwhile visit and we thank all those involved in organizing the week and giving of their time and talents.