Art School

        The House of Hope children from the ages 2 years to 5 years had a week of art and craft classes during the holidays. They were ferried in the back of the pick up truck from House of Hope to Nazareth House which was empty of girls as they were harvesting rice in the fields. Volunteers John and Annie Busch and their 3 year old twins Alex and Isabella set up class every morning and bought all the supplies for the children to make something different every day. There was painting, cutting and pasting done for 2 hours with a break in the middle for the children to go play on the playground. This was much needed for some of the smaller ones as their attention kept wandering over to the brightly coloured slippery dip and swings after they had painted themselves and anything close to them.  The children were very proud of the butterflies, masks and fish they made themselves and Annie and John were so patient and encouraging with them.