Back to school 2012

The kids from all 6 houses at Sarnelli have returned to school! Breathing a sigh of relief and handing over the allotted pocket money, tucking shirts into shorts, adjusting dresses and doing a final check of school bags the staff sent the kids on their way on Monday 14th May as school reopened for the new Thai year.

Dottie strating in primary school
Lek and Dome starting in primary school
and Chat Chai on his last year of Kindergarten

5 girls who graduated from Rosario School in March  - B, Fa, Gip, Plern and Prieo 2 have started at new schools in Nongkhai. Thanks to the hard work of Fr Bird, Khun Auey, Fr Ole and Brother Keng the amount of schools that the children from Sarnelli House can access has grown and their chances of studying the subjects they are interested in is now bigger. They will have to work extra hard as these schools are more academic and harder to get into. However with weekend homework classes being set up by Fr Bird and Khun Oeay it is really hoped that the kids from Sarnelli House will thrive as they do their best for their futures.

the truck leaves Sarnelli 

Even the House of Hope saw 3 new recruits put on new school uniforms that were way too big for them and wear closed in shoes for the first time as they start the transition to preschool.  Maggie, Tan and Ton (top picture) will attend a kindergarten in Viengkhuk from 9am -3pm.

Preschoolers Tan, Maggie and Ton