Bike repair weekend

In January 2012 a young man from the USA arrived at Sarnelli House. He had previously visited 2 years ago with a group of teachers from the Ruamrudee International School in Bangkok who come once a year to Sarnelli for 2 days of games and learning. This time Benjamin Miller also a teacher came alone with 2 bike repair kits and with the aim to teach the kids how to use the tools and how to repair bikes themselves. After a brief reconnaissance of the 6 homes Benjamin had an idea of how long it would take him to teach the kids and repair the bikes. He started at Jan and Oscar House and St Patrick’s where about 15 interested boys from all ages came to listen in and learn. The boys were let loose on the bikes and the tools and with Benjamin helping and teaching they were able to finish most of the salvaged bikes which numbered about 20. They then moved onto the smaller bikes at House of Hope and repaired what they could much to the little ones delight.  After lunch about 10 boys and Benjamin cycled to the girl’s home at Viengkhuk and set about repairing their bikes. It was a great opportunity to impress the girls with their skills and the afternoon went very quickly. The next day there was a party at Sarnelli House and so bike repairing took second choice to food and dancing, however Benjamin was up early to try and tackle the bikes at Sarnelli House himself before he left. The kids at Sarnelli House are notorious for not looking after their bikes and the bikes are chained together in a state of disrepair. Within minutes he had a group of Sarnelli kids surrounding him and tools were vanishing just as quickly as the boys spotted them.  Doing what he could before he left, Benjamin hopes to be back to tackle the Sarnelli kids and their bikes and   Nazareth House as well. The boys thank him for their new skills and his generosity and patience.

Benjamin with a full class

A hands on class
House of Hope bikes waiting for repairsPalm getting the most out of the repaired bikes

February 2012

Kate Introna