Christmas drawing contest

The judge looking closely at each picture!

Joy the winner

First place!

It is amazing what a whiff of money can do to commission great art. A competition was held to create and draw the best Christmas card based on the children’s perception of a Thai Christmas. Within 2 weeks we had 42 entries from kids ranging in age from 5 years old to 19 years old. The judging was done by a panel of our visitors who happened to be here at the time and it was a very hard decision. First prize and 500 baht was awarded to 15 year old Joy from Nazareth House who depicted Santa on the back of an elephant delivering his presents to Sarnelli House. Second Prize and 300 baht went to Shane from St Patrick with Santa sitting on the cart dragged by Thai buffaloes, and Third Prize and 200 baht went to Lyn with a pencil drawing of a Thai Mary and Jospeh and baby Jesus. All the other young artists received 50 baht for their wonderful efforts.

Below are some of their works: 

PicturesDrawer  (age) 
 Choke (16 years old)
 Shane (16 years old)
 Mae Jit
 You (12 years old)
 Shane (16 years old)
-2rd place -
 Aun (15 years old)
 Fern (12 years old)

 Lyn (18 years old)

-3rd place-

 Ben (14 years old)
 Goy (10 years old)
 Dtong Yai (14 years old)
 Pop (13 years old)
 Mum (8 years old)
 Jane (12 years old)