Comings and Goings for 2011


House of Hope

Pong was born in September 2011 to a young woman known to Fr Shea who found herself in a bad situation selling and using drugs. She had to withdraw from drugs while she was pregnant, and she came to live at House of Hope. After she delivered her son Pong who seems to be developing well, she is hoping to be doing further study so she can find a job to support herself while leaving her baby to Sarnelli House.
 Luke came to House of Hope at Sarnelli House when he was 3 days old. His mother had previously been living at Our Lady of Refuge Home for girls. She left to get married and then her husband left her. She came back to Sarnelli House to have Luke and care for him there. 
 Fone is 7 years old and his parents separated when he was a baby. He has 2 other siblings and his mother remarried and has had another child. Fone’s mother was not sending him to school and Sarnelli House helped her financially, she now has a job but she does not want Fone anymore. 

Diamond came to House of Hope when he was 5 months old. He was referred by Social Services. Both Diamond’s parents are blind and could no longer care for him. He was in a state of neglect when he came to Sarnelli House. 

Sarnelli House

Dtay came from a government orphanage in Udon after his grandmother was unable to care for him, his mother died when he was 3 months old from HIV/AIDS and his father has remarried and does not want him. Dtay has HIV/AIDS and is 8 years old but he is well and taking his ARV medications 
Off came from the same orphanage as Dtey and is 7 years old . He has no known family and has already been in 3 orphanages throughout his short life. He has HIV/AIDS and is taking his ARV medications.

Fert is a small and frail looking 7 year old boy. He also came from the same orphanage as Dtay and Off as his grandmother could not care for him. Fert needs nurturing and good care for him to be as well as the other boys. He has HIV/AIDS and is taking his ARV medications. 

Bank is 12 years and has been blind from HIV/AIDS since he was 8 years old. His father remarried and the new family no longer wants Bank. He was referred from the hospital in Khon Kaen to Sarnelli House. 


Nut is 15 years and has been blind since she was 4 years old from HIV/AIDS. Her mother also died from HIV/AIDS and her father remarried and the new family have gone to southern Thailand to work and cannot look after Nut. 

Nut is 14 years old and both his parents have died of HIV/AIDS, he was transferred from another orphanage to Sarnelli House. However he had severe behavioural problems and was using drugs when he arrived. 

Pawk was 10 years old when she came to Sarnelli House in 2011 . Her father died from HIV/AIDS when she was four and her mother died in a motorbike accident in 2011. Pawk was living with an aunty but she had to go to Bangkok and work and there was no one to care for Pawk. She has HIV/AIDS and is taking her ARV medicine. 

Our Lady of the Rosary Vienghuk

Awn was referred by the Social Services for a safe house to live as she had testified against her father who had been sexually abusing her for many years. Her father is now in jail and Awn is 13 years old. 



Ms Lay works at Our Lady of Refuge Home for Girls, she lives in the village of Don Wai near Sarnelli House and is employed as a cleaner and house mother. She is married with one grown up boy. 


House of Hope

Sugar is the mother of Luke and after giving birth and caring for him for some months she enrolled in school again to finish her education but left soon after with a boyfriend and is now living in the area but did not  want to take Luke with her.  
Eileen came to Sarnelli a few days after birth. Her mother and father have HIV/AIDS and did not want Eileen for fear she would also have the disease. Eileen tested negative for HIV/AIDS and was healthy and strong. Her parents requested they have her back as she was well and healthy. After going through the Thai Social Services for assessment Eileen now lives with her parents. 
Kaen went back with his mother Joom to the village they came from as Joom’s father wanted Joom to work as a house maid. 

Our Lady of Refuge, Viengkhuk 

Wow left Our Lady of Refuge Home for Girls at 16 years of age, she had been living there for the last 8 years of her life, as has her younger sister Wiw. Wow was doing well at school. However she discovered “love” and ran off, despite much counseling and advice to finish her schooling first. She has now returned to school but is no longer living at Our Lady of Refuge. 
Oum left Rosario School and Our Lady of Refuge Home for Girls in 2011 at 19 years of age after living there for 12 years. She was attending a business college in Nongkhai and was doing well with her studies and was a responsible and admired big sister. She fell in love with a man who peddled drugs and who had a child from a previous relationship. Oum has now a child with him and cares for his first child and the man is currently in jail. Oum maintains contact with the staff at Sarnelli House.   
A left Our Lady Of Refuge Home for Girls to go back and live with her relatives, she was 16 years of age and still attends Rosario school.  

Sarnelli House 

Nut was transferred to a teenage HIV/AIDS facility run by the Divine Word Missionaries in Nong Bua Lam Phu because of his behavioural problems and the lack of trained staff at  Sarnelli House to care for him. 

Nazareth House 

A left Sarnelli House after completing her high school at Rosario School and living at Nazareth House for 2 years. Her grandparents who are getting older wanted her at home to help them. She is followed up by the Outreach Program.  
Tadum left Nazareth House last year at 19 years of age, she had been living at Sarnelli House for the last 10 years of her life and has been blind for 10 years from HIV/AIDS. She now lives and works in Nongkhai. She has a room above a traditional Thai massage shop where blind people who are considered more skilled in traditional Thai massage work. She is happy and excited to be independent. 

Jan and Oscar House 

Biah was 15 years old when he left Sarnelli House to go back and live with his aunt and uncle. He had been skipping school then refusing to attend school at all. He is being followed up by Thai Social Services at his home.  

St Patrick’s Home for Boys 

Kay left St Patrick’s at aged 14 years old. He had been caught stealing and skipping school and been given numerous warnings by the school and staff at Sarnelli House. He went back to live with his mother who remarried after his father died of HIV/AIDS. Kay used to visit them regularly in the school holidays and is happier with his family.  
Toom Tam has been living at St Patrick’s for 5 years together with his brother Rewind. However last year when he was 14 years old he decided to go back to live with his relatives who were happy to take him back.