Fr Bird and Candle making

     Fr Bird, one of the three newly ordained young priests that Fr Shea is helping to train, has like his predecessor Fr May T, provided much support, guidance and love to the children already. Every weekend along with a friend of Fr Bird – Khun Auey, who travels by bus from Bangkok to Sarnelli House they have started  small projects to help the children build their skills and self esteem.  

Melting the wax

Putting the sticker on the glasses

     Candle making is the first project. Interested children were invited to come every weekend to Charlene House to learn how to make candles. The cost to make one candle is 7 baht and includes a small glass container, paraffin wax, cotton wick and a sticker costs.  Khun Auey buys these materials at cost price in Bangkok and brings them to Sarnelli House. The children are then taught how to melt the wax, prepare the wicks and pour the wax into the glass. When they are cool the stickers are placed on them. In half a day with 8 children making the candles they can make 200 candles and they are sold for 25 baht each. 

Khun Auey teaching candle making 

The finished product

     So far the candles have been sold at Holy Redeemer Parish in Bangkok and at the Church Feast in Pi Si Tong where the children sold the candles themselves, and the first proceeds of 3,300 baht were given to Fr Shea. Further proceeds will be allocated to the individual children and the money kept with Fr Bird. They are then encouraged to go back to their houses and explain that the money that have made is available to share with their housemates. If any of the children need something special for school they write a small proposal to Fr Bird explaining the reasons why they need this item.  The children who participate are eager to learn and enjoy their time together. They are proud of their work and what they have achieved so far. 

February 2012