Future careers

The university and senior high school year has already started for some students this month. Twenty seven students from Sarnelli House and the Outreach Program are being supported to attend senior school this year. It is the largest number yet and the work to get them enrolled, accepted , seek out accommodation and furnish it with fans, cupboards and cooking goods, buy uniforms, pay bills, fill in countless forms and settle them in is never ending. Br Keng and Fr Ole do a great job as does Mrs Dtim in the office coordinating all the payments and cash flow. 

Ten students are enrolling for the first time this year and their chosen studies vary from public health, economics, and fisheries to mechanics and marketing. Some are studying as far away as Bangkok and Chiang Mai while others are in the Northeastern region in Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and Nongkhai.  More than 50% are girls who are going on to further study and from this group of 27, twelve of them are living with HIV, while 6 of them are from the Outreach Program and the remaining twenty one are graduates from Sarnelli House.

 Last month was a challenge gathering them all together for photos and final form filling. Not all of them could make it so they will come later in the month to collect money and present forms and receipts. The ones who came thanked Fr Shea for all he has done to nurture them to this jumping off point in their lives and he gave them words of encouragement and blessing. 

The year ahead will be hard for many of them as they forge new friendships and learn new things, are put under the stress of meeting deadlines and are away from friends and their Sarnelli family. Some will have to decide if they will disclose their diagnosis to friends.  Some will not finish their studies as the lure of the world outside Sarnelli House will be too much for them to settle down and dedicate their time to study and others will do very well and be able to mix their social and study life. The achievements and mistakes these young adults will make are all part of reaching adulthood. Giving them opportunities for personal and professional growth and supporting them through this time is now a huge part of Sarnelli House’s role as their guardian and family.  

A big thank you to all our donors and sponsors who are so necessary in assisting us give these and upcoming children educational opportunities. A  very special thanks goes to the Carl Greer Foundation, Bakers Cheese and Gary Grendys all from the USA for their support to launch these 27 kids out into the real world for the next year. 

Kate Introna
July 2015