Graduation March 2012

In March this year before the official start of the school holidays, the annual graduation ceremony at Rosario school was conducted. Twelve children from  Sarnelli House featured and a child from all 6 houses graduated on the day.

Sarnelli House – ManU, Dottie and Heart were well behaved and apart from some difficulty by ManU and Dottie in navigating the stairs on the way down from the podium after receiving their certificates all went well.

Nazareth House – Gip, Fa, Mut graduated from M3 or Grade 9

Jan and Oscar House – Nong graduated from M3 or Grade 9

St Patrick’s – Lek graduated from Kindergarten

Our Lady of Refuge – Prieo and Plern graduated from M3 or Grade 9

House of Hope – Dome and Kane graduated from Kindergarten




Fa, Fr Shea, Mut, Prieo, Nong, Plern, Gip, Heart, ManU and Dottie

Everyone was exceptionally proud of ManU and Dottie who despite their physical disabilities which caused them to enrol in Kindergarten at a later age and have more than the usual time off for doctor appointments and in the case of Dottie a couple of operations on her leg they will now go onto primary school like the big kids.

The teenagers who graduated from M3 have to sit exams to continue their further studies in senior high school in schools in Nongkhai and further afield.

However.... now almost 8 weeks of school holidays awaits them, the summer heat and the fun of Songkran as well as learning and playing with volunteers from Thailand and beyond as  school  routines are left far behind.