Roasario Witthayakan School and Viengkhum Wiihayakan School Graduations

A total of 20 children graduated from their various schools this year. 6 young adults graduated from M6 or Grade 12, nine from M3 or Grade 9 and 4 from Kindergarten. This means a lot of work for Br Keng who is our education officer. He has to interview the kids to find out what their interests are and then find appropriate schools for them. The schools often require exams to be  sat before the enrolment is secured and many of the schools  are not directly in Nongkhai city but in other provinces, this year one is in Bangkok. The necessary documents have to be gathered and a lot of paperwork completed before enrolment is finalised. For those children who will be studying away a visit to the school to check on the type of available is necessary  and then money for  food, school expenses and transport money have to be provided. This year we have 2 boys and a girl going to study in Udon Thani – they are all studying various aspects of agriculture, another girl is going to a school in Bangkok to study and major in music.   It is amazing to see the children grow and develop and take on new initiatives. It inspires the younger children to see their elders graduate and go onto further study away from Sarnelli House and be happy and confident about their decisions.