Halloween 2011

The Sarnelli girls and Gow

        Halloween was celebrated in great style at Pai Si Tong this year. The Jan and Oscar House was the venue for a great meal featuring the newly harvested sticky rice, som tam and grilled chicken. In the sala next to the Jan and Oscar House the sound system had been set up and the resident DJ Thani was in place. A large banner wished everyone Happy Halloween. After filling their stomachs different kids from each house put on a show with dancing and costumes. There were lots of high heels, face paint and cross dressing. The kids screamed with delight as the houses came out and the house that got the loudest claps won. This year it was Jan and Oscar with Jawt and Man dressed as a couple who danced their way to fame at Pai Si Tong that night. After the show the kids were organized in groups with the little ones matched up with the bigger kids and they set off in the dark on the obstacle course through St Patrick’s and back to Jan and Oscar. There was yukky tasting drinks to drink in the dark and tunnels made with slippery dips and taurpaulins and covered with mud to crawl through. Powder and water were splashed on to the victims and there was gooey stuff to slither on and to throw at everyone. Once everyone had returned muddy, wet and covered in powder but happy and excited, the lights were turned off and the music turned up. Dancing continued under the watchful eyes of the staff and the teenagers really enjoyed themselves dancing and flirting and generally being teenagers. At 8pm the lights were turned back on, the music turned off and everyone helped to clean up. They eventually climbed back into their trucks for the ride back home and another Halloween passed.  

Yukky stuff

Resident DJ

Mum and the slimy stuff

Mother Lek applying the face paint

House of Hope boys

Boy Lek


Bob and Marcia on the way to Pai Si Tong

Crawling through the tunnels