Some gorgeous faces from House of Hope

At – the youngest of four siblings all living at Sarnelli House. His mother also works for Sarnelli House. At 2 years and eight months old he is putting on weight fast after living with his mother and siblings in a village where his mother was unable to work because she was sick with HIV and TB and so could not feed her children. He loves to run and he loves his bottle.

Oum Im is 4 years old in May and she is the younger sister of Oup Ip who lives at St Patrick’s House . They are both wildly, active little girls and they love spending time together every afternoon and on the weekends. Oum Im goes to pre school kindergarten with a lot of her friends from House of Hope and loves school.

Man is plump and sturdy and three years old. He came from a very poor family whose mother could not care for him and his two siblings. He eats whatever he can put into his mouth and is slowly learning how to use his mouth to talk and not just eat. He is forever dirty, snotty and laughing and he can seek and  find water to play in when no one else can.

Jonah was born premature to a teenage mum, but his slow start is well and truly over. He  is smart, loud and quick as a whip. He has a question for everything and everyone and a smile to turn your heart over.

King Keaw is three years old and suffered her mother’s beating which resulted in a broken leg on one occasion. She is shy and timid at times and at other times playful and sweet.  

Nuna is 5 years old, blind and totally dependant on others for all her care. Despite that she can laugh joyously and in her innocence and vulnerability seems to connect to the child in all of us.