Kids Caring for Kids' Raise Christmas Funds for Sarnelli Kids

The fundraising took place after the November 27/28 weekend masses at St Jules Catholic Church in Lafayette , Louisiana, U.S.A.
The Kids Caring for Kids organization, who solely support the children of Sarnelli House, offered to the St Jules parishioners Christmas ornaments made by the orphans and widows of Sarnelli orphanage.

Everett Greenwood and Nicholas Carpenter greeted parishioners at north door of St Jules Church

Sam Greenwood and Allison Carpenter greeted parishioners at the east door of St Jules Church.

Deacon Reggie and Dottie Bollich (grandparents) with grandchildren Allison and Nicholas Carpenter, who live in Katy Texas, after the last Sunday mass in front of St Jules Church.

Lisa Greenwood and Amelie Greenwood greeted parihioners at the south door of St Jules Church.