Reach Out Day

Christoph Leonard bought the usual Reach Out games and special lunch to the children of Sarnelli House in October. The games were eagerly anticipated and kids were pushing and shoving to be picked on the teams to compete.  With sweets as prize money and a very large and animated audience the games began. Favourites like Nongkhai’s Next Top Model had the teams trying to outdo themselves in creativity, using a couple of large garbage bags to design and dress the model who had to parade the outfit down the runway. It was then onto eating as quickly as possible – which the kids do really well. Two children had to eat a box of dry cereal and whoever finished first won. After the second round the boys decided to mess it up a bit and ate at their own pace leisurely enjoying every mouthful which had the other team stumped as to what to do. On to the egg and spoon race complete with gorgeous flowing caftans, high heels and sunglasses that the kids had to change out of and hand over to their team mates to dress before they started the race. Shoes and children went flying as the heels undid some of the boys, butthe girls with their superior balance and skill won the event. Finally it was feeding yoghurt blindfolded to the other blindfolded team.  This was an hilarious event that had the kids crowding around, climbing on top of each other to see - and  falling over laughing all over the place. The noise was deafening as team mates shouted instructions as to where to put the spoon, and yoghurt went everywhere.  Another fun filled day where even the hardiest kids needed a rest after all the excitement.   Thanks Chris!

Apec and Tay


Fern modelling the latest creation

Goy and Mum forcing it down

Yoghurt feeding

P Chris working the egg and spoon