RIS Visit 2010

In December 2010 4 dedicated teachers and 4 local Thai staff from Ruamrudee International School (RIS) in Minburi, Bangkok visited Sarnelli House again. RIS was founded in 1957 by the Redemptorists and is one of the oldest and most experienced international schools in Thailand. The teachers travelled a long 600 km by minivan up from Bangkok, bringing lots of donated items and Christmas presents. 

(picture on left hand: Donna and Sone)

Saturday morning was spent doing games and exercises, followed by arts and crafts. There was a slight hitch first thing in the morning with a power black out throughout the village, and many of the activities had been planned with something to do with loud music and a microphone. Fortunately the power came back on after an hour or so and hot water was again available for a needed coffee to get the day started.

The boys enjoying the games


In the afternoon everyone either walked or caught a lift in a pick up truck or van to go down to the farm where the vegetable garden, fish ponds and pigs are located. Here the children were taught how to plant their own vegetable and fruit seeds. Back at Sarnelli House the most favourite game of all was set up - piñata. The kids took to this with gusto as it involved bashing something with a big stick until candy was released. Next year there will be a few more “security guards” around to dampen the urge to jump on the kid who released the most candy and try to take what they could. Luckily no injuries were sustained and the kids eventually shared their loot with their friends. Finally Saturday night arrived and the teachers could find some peace and quiet at the Redemptorist’s monastery in Nong Khai.


Judye and games

On Sunday morning everyone attended early mass for The King’s birthday and Father’s Day and then the much anticipated gifts were distributed to the children. The RIS  school had a list of well over 160 children  - their names, sex  and ages and all of them from Sarnelli House - some classes at RIS as well as donating a gift,  wrapped and labeled them individually for all these kids.  There was much laughter and excitement as the gifts were handed out with all the children sitting in 6 rows according to which house they lived in. After the gifts were given out and the teachers thanked, they were taken on a visit to the  House of Hope to admire and cuddle the babies and toddlers before their long trip back  Bangkok. 

Kean making a quick getaway with his present

Jo and Nuke in the vegetable garden

The children and the staff of Sarnelli House would like to thank the teachers Joanna  Ng,  Judye Byrum, Donna Eastlake and Melanie Shafaat for their time in coming to visit and for sharing their laughter and skills, and to the students of RIS for their generosity. It is greatly appreciated and truly valued by all of us.   

Kate Introna
3rd February 2011