Singing for the Stars

On the 18th October during the school holidays a singing contest was organized with the expert help of  Fr Ole and Brother Keng and held between all 6 houses. The children were given 2 weeks to prepare and prize money was on offer which made for an added incentive. The contest was held in the new Mary and Joseph Hall and the new stage was well and truly christened. There were a panel of scary judges which included volunteers from The Netherlands, Australia, France, England and the USA as well as the well known drummer, singer, fundraiser and beloved supporter of Sarnelli House – Fr Chuck. Each house had to present 3 songs. Our Lady of Refuge House and Sarnelli House really knew how to get the attention of the judges and sang a song each in English. There was some dramatic acting from the girls at Viengkhuk while the song about a poor grandmother caring for her children pulled at the heart strings. Sarnelli also had their 2 children who are blind on guitar and vocals with Don Rac as back up vocal for one number.  The boys from Jan and Oscar House lead by Kee Dee had the girls screaming as he and some of his followers danced to a Thai pop song. The children from House of Hope did a fine job despite being a bit overawed at their surroundings and they went all out with elephant props which was very cute. Nazareth House had Breeo on guitar accompanied by Fa and Gip singing a Thai ballad. The boys from St Patrick’s did well with Nong, Golf and Jo on guitar – they sang up a storm. But the final results for first place were Our Lady of Refuge and the joyful screaming was endless. Thanks to Fr Chuck and Jim Snell each house received a money prize so no one went home empty handed. 

House of Hope Band

Jan and Oscar Band

Nazareth Band

Sarnelli House Band

Sarnelli House Band (The two blind sitting at front - Nut and Bank)

Viengkhuk Girl Band

St Patrick House Band

The designated judges

The Winner (Viengkhuk Girl Band)