Songkran 2012 (Thai New Year)

The Thai New Year or Songkran was celebrated over the 3 days of April from 13-16th. The House of Hope kids got into it with an inflatable pool set up out the front out the front of House of Hope and lots of water pistols.

The only road in Pi Si Tong was the battleground as kids from all the houses lurked out the front of Jan and Oscar House and St Patrick’s and in front of House of Hope with buckets, pails and hoses to wet anyone who passed and each other.

Afternoons saw the school buses loaded up with kids and volunteers and head into Nongkhai for 5 hours of water mayhem. Traffic slowed to a stop as cars filled the roads with new year revellers and water was everywhere.

Kids came home with wrinkly hands and feet from being soaked in water and some still shivering from the iced water that was also being hurled at everyone.