Volunteer Activities in March

Before the volunteers arrived in the few days after school was  out at the beginning of March,  the kids at Sarnelli House tried to keep up their out of school spirits  by watching DVDs of Tom and Jerry, and scary Thai movies. Once the volunteers arrived however, the real fun began.  Activities included making balloon animals, blowing soap bubbles, card and board games to learn and play and bingo to win.  Amongst the creative play there was drawing and colouring in and making figures out of play doh which some of the kids were very skilled at. There was also interactive English classes where kids learn correct pronunciation and to recognise the English alphabet. Flash cards, drawing letters on friends’ backs and even IPADs all had a place in making learning English enjoyable. The volunteers cycled over to Pi Si Tong and at Jan and Oscar House the teenage boys received some English lessons and some guitar practice as well, and the House of Hope kids enjoyed lots of games but the game they liked the most was to be picked up and twirled around again and again.


Mo and Kee Dee practising guitar

card games
being creative 

The biggest and most anticipated event for the kids however, was swimming. With exams and study happening for the last 2 months, swimming has been off limits, but with all that school stuff  over it was back into the pool. The Sarnelli House kids have a set roster for their swimming times – they go 4 times a week for an hour and the boys have separate times from the girls. They are often dressed in their swimsuits with towels all ready nearly 2 hours ahead of time so excited are they at the opportunity to get wet. Getting them out of the pool after the hour is up  has been a challenge and volunteers have to prowl the perimeters of the pool to prevent any kids jumping back in for the final thrill of it all. There have been a few set backs - with the boys falling out of the van when they get back to Sarnelli House and despite instructions beforehand they continuously  leave their wet swimmers and towels in the van, so they have been “grounded” from swimming for 2 weeks much to their chagrin. 

Then there are the much anticipated trips to Tesco/Lotus for ice cream and to spend a little bit of money,  and the organisation of transport, times and who is taking who, is all gracefully managed by the ever smiling Kung at Sarnelli House.

Amidst the fun there is work to be done and the girls from Viengkhuk help make jewellery to be sold and the boys help with the detergent and soap making. There are tractors and equipment to be cleaned and candles and fans to be made.  The big boys from St Patricks and Jan and Oscar are at the farm finishing making the corral to keep the cows and the chicken coops. 

Dtong making anklets

Bee and Wan Pen candle making

Teep and Hiew cleaning the tractor

The volunteers really bring a whole new learning and fun experience to the kids’ lives and the kids themselves get to know the volunteers well, many who have come back for the second and third time. So a big thank you to the March volunteers who gave of their time and their talents so freely at Sarnelli House.

April 2012

Kate Introna