Weeding the Paddies

Throughout the countryside everything is a verdant shade of green, rice is growing in every spare acre or rai of land. On Jomp’s Farm as the farming is as organic as possible, no pesticides are used to kill the weeds which sprout up between the rice and threaten to overcrowd and kill them. Using pesticides is a normal process of growing rice for most Thai farmers – and these kill weeds and insects that would otherwise reduce their yield of rice.  However, instead of pesticides Sarnelli House has the enthusiasm and the energy of kids wanting to help support themselves, and who are keen to get out into the fresh and open air of the farm... sort of! Last weekend was a long weekend so the kids were enthused about spending 2 of the 3 days pulling up weeds. They started at 6am when the humidity and heat was less and worked until mid morning. Ms Lek and Ms Jit provided lunch of spicy hot som tam, sticky rice and grilled chicken. Crabs that were found in the rice paddies were added to the som tam as well.  The kids had moments of concentration and moments of wandering off to explore or take a breather in the shade. Overall a lot of the work got done but it will take a few more weekends to keep the weeds under control. The girls survived and although reluctant to admit it enjoyed the camaraderie and had fun together.


Kate Introna

August 2012