RIS Visit 2013

The Ruamrudee International School (RIS) in Bangkok came to Sarnelli House from big, bustling Bangkok in the holidays to run a Thai language camp specifically for about 40 of the children from Sarnelli House who have problems learning and who struggle with the Thai alphabet and reading and writing. It was a great success and the teachers and students showed so much patience, enthusiasm and skill in their interaction with the kids it was truly inspiring. The group stayed in Nongkhai and every day at 9am the classes started. The lessons went for 30 minutes and then there was a break for games for 30 minutes and then they resumed again. The games were enjoyed by all and the lessons attended on the floor at Jan and Oscar House were mostly full. The occasional boy - like Boy Lek or Heart could not keep their concentration up after 10 minutes, so they strolled over to do some colouring in, or to check out and comment on the work of their friends.

 On the last day, the group celebrated the first day of Songkran at  Sarnelli House, before climbing in their van and beginning the long drive back to Bangkok. The students put on a show of dancing and singing that delighted everyone and then donated toys and goods for the kids as well as a donation to Sarnelli House. We really thank all involved  - the students and teachers and those back in Bangkok who supported them, for giving up their holiday time to come out into the country to help the children of Sarnelli House.  A big thank you to Kru (teacher) Lek  who saw the need and arranged the trip.