Welcome home

A great welcome home party was had last month on September 23 when Fr Shea arrived home from the USA after 5 and a half months – the longest he has ever been away from the children before. While in the States he had various health check ups and procedures done and he has come home a new man – much to the staff and children’s delight. Accompanying him was Fr Chuck Beirewaltes C.S.s.R  long time supporter and fundraiser of Sarnelli House and the best Santa Claus there is. Fr Harry Grile C.S.s.R  Provincial of Redemptorists, Denver Province USA, also came to visit. The welcome home party was held in the newly built Mary and Joseph Hall donated by Gary and Janet Smith from the USA. The big hall made a perfect space for the kids dancing and singing and the traditional tying of the wrists for the three Fathers. Pizza was provided and the kids were overjoyed and very full by the end of the celebrations.