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RIS December visit

Students from Ruamrudee International School (RIS) in Bangkok, came for their annual visit in December. Ms. Shirley and Fr. David Jieng C.Ss.R accompanied eight young adults for two days at Sarnelli House. Some of the teenagers were coming back for t…

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Bringing in the rice

The rice harvest has been completed for another year at Jomp’s Farm, as well as on the 12 rai of land where Fr. Mike now lives. The rice sown on the farms at Sarnelli House is sticky rice, the most common variety in this part of Thailand. This ye…

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Outreach scholarships

The end of the school holidays means the preparation for the beginning of the second term at school. The school scholarships for the Outreach Program are given out on the last Saturday before school resumes. The children must bring in their school gr…

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Another fun weekend at Sarnelli House

The school holidays continue and this past weekend saw lots of different goings-on. Fr. Mike blessed the new house for our junior high school girls. The house is called Our Lady of Refuge. Fr. Mike and all of the staff had a stressful few months upon…

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A busy day!

The children are enjoying their break from school. This is the shorter of the two holiday periods for our school kids and they are free and restless for three weeks. Actually, most of them are restless, some of our teenage girls have a remarkable…

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A story from the Outreach program

Partnerships are important, especially when delivering a service to people in the community who have a wide array of needs. A family in crisis was referred to the outreach program recently. There were four children under the age of 10, all in the…

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Moving day!

The day of the big move has arrived and the Our Lady of Refuge for girls house in Viengkhuk has finally closed. Our junior high school girls have spent the week packing their bags and have helped to transfer kitchen utensils and other equipment f…

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Rice planting is underway

The rains have increased over the last couple of weeks and the humidity levels have risen. This brings mixed outcomes as we all sweat that bit more and washed clothes don’t always dry (even in sunshine) but far more importantly, it allows us to p…

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One month Until Cebo Ride!

It's one month until our big annual fundraiser, the now famous Cebo Ride. It's not too late to sign up or to sponsor a cyclist.

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Farewell to a fellow Redemptorist

Sarnelli House is not the only place where the Redemptorist community is doing excellent work here in Thailand. The Fr. Ray Foundation is located in Pattaya and has a massive program, caring for over 800 orphaned, abused and disabled children. They s…

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Education for children young and old

Education continues to grow in its importance for the children of Sarnelli House. As the children prepare to go back to school next week (and the house mothers breathe a heavy sigh of relief!), we can reflect on work going on at both ends of the …

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Sports at Sarnelli House

Like kids everywhere, the children here at Sarnelli House love to run around and play sport. The boys love their soccer, but are competitive on the badminton court too while the girls love badminton and playing in the pool. The grade school and j…

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Graduations 2018

More milestones were reached this last month as some of our teenagers and young adults graduated from junior and senior high school, vocational school and vocational college. Eight teenage boys and girls finished junior high school (grade 9) on M…

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New initiatives

  • BraceLove 

In 2016, friends of Sarnelli House, Weena and Khun B Plus, had an idea. Both had been to Nongkhai on numerous occasions to help the children of Sarnelli House. They invited Khun Rudee, one of Thailand’s top modern jewellery de…

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Chocolates in heaven

A spiritual reflection from one of our recent volunteers

I was awakened in my room by the tolling of the Don Wai Village church bell around four in the morning. It was a sign that someone from the village had recently died. Indeed, I received …

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Outreach construction projects

In 2017 the Outreach program, which runs the milk project, the school scholarship project and the food delivery project, also repaired and constructed dwellings for underprivileged people. One such repair job was for a grandmother and her 13 year…

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The Viengkhuk problem

In April of 1999, Fr. Mike had taken in three orphaned children, but where to put them? A local lady who had been cleaning his house and doing his laundry, asked him if he would like to buy her little wooden house for 80,000 baht (about $2,750). …

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December farm update

Work continues on the farm, with the hay now baled for the cattle herd and the new land on the 12 rai plot being cleared to create fruit gardens. The older boys show the younger teenagers how to clear and fertilise the land, just as they were sho…

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Maths camp

Sarnelli House is spending a lot of time (and money!) on the education of our children. By and large, the grades are creeping upwards as the children get more support from house mothers and volunteers and more encouragement from Brother Keng and …

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Latest rice news...

The rice is all nearly harvested by now. There will be one final day out in the fields for the staff and the older children. Once the rice is taken in, there are many steps before it reaches the kitchens of the houses. 

The ri…

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