Christmas parties

Christmas has been and gone at Sarnelli House, but it required a great deal of preparation and effort to carry out the celebrations for all the children, staff and guests. Parties were held at various locations in the two villages where the children’s houses are, culminating in the big children’s party in the Jospeh and Mary Hall on Christmas Day. Presents had been diligently wrapped for each child and dances were preformed by all the children, before a hearty lunch was eaten and enjoyed by all. 

As well as the children’s parties, Christmas greetings and gifts were also extended to the many local organisations in the district who support and work with Sarnelli House in many ways. 

The last Christmas party finished on Saturday 15 January. It was the Outreach party and was held in the Joseph and Mary Hall. Almost 70 people attended, children and adults. They received warm blankets and long-sleeved jackets, participated in games, enjoyed the ukulele recital as well as the dancing performed by the girls from Our Lady of Refuge House. Lunch was provided and donated clothes were given out to all who needed them.  As the festive season recedes, Sarnelli House is gearing up for a bright and happy 2020. 

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