New Volunteers

Welcome to our new volunteers for 2022!

Our friends from the APO church in Oberhausen Germany have sent us Laura to volunteer for one year. She will be the volunteer for the Jan and Oscar House which holds 10 lively young ladies from 5 to 8 years old.  She has made an impact already with her kindness and calmness and offers an important steady presence for the girls. In school term, she will help out at House of Hope with the babies and the disabled children. 

We are expecting one other young woman from APO who will be a volunteer for House of Hope and who will hopefully arrive in November. 

Sarnelli House has also accepted volunteers from The Redemptorist Volunteer Ministries in Bonn Germany, who previously sent their volunteers to the Fr. Ray Foundation in Pattaya.  Their ministry is to offer young adults religious and social experiences within the context of The Redemptorist International congregation, contributing to their development as human beings and Christians.  Two young men, Lars and Lukas, have been warmly welcomed and they are the volunteers for St Patrick’s House and Sarnelli House. The boys living at both houses are delighted they have their own volunteers. They will also teach English at The Redemptorist School for the Disabled in Nongkhai, when term 2 opens in November.  

Two other long term volunteers, Angelique and Ben Ummels from The Netherlands, will arrive in November and help work with the four disabled children at House of Hope.

We are always grateful to have volunteers here at Sarnelli House as they complement our excellent staff and they can also offer the energy and creativity the children need. It is great to see the young volunteers playing sports and games or doing arts & crafts or just spending time with the kids. With the two Thai teachers also are here for six months, the children have plenty of people hoping to enrich their lives.


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