Recent goings-on

The children have enjoyed their holidays so far, with trips to water parks and cinemas, art and baking activities, and the always popular swimming sessions. As the school year ended, many children celebrated graduations, from kindergarten parties to vocational school and college graduations. One of our young women completed a business degree from Maha Sarakham university with two Outreach girls graduating with degrees in business management and public health. It is so heartening to see young adults who arrived at Sarnelli House in a pretty traumatised state accomplish so much in their short lives and we remain very grateful for all our donors and sponsors for supporting the education program.

There have also been some comings and goings over the past couple of months, with six children reunited with their families. The staff will miss the kids who have left but it is so much better for these children to grow within a loving and safe family environment. The overall population hasn't dropped though, with more children being referred to Sarnelli House by the Thai Welfare department. Kate will write in more depth about these stories in her next newsletter.

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