School holidays underway

The school holidays began last week and with their end of term exams over, the children are enjoying their free time. They have been busy too, with many activities going on at Sarnelli House. We have always been blessed with great guests and volunteers and this October is no different, as we have had visitors from Australia, the UK and the Netherlands here to keep the kids occupied. There has been swimming, arts and crafts and a sports day and the playroom at the nursery has had a daily airing as well.

A group from the Netherlands, called Asian Kidz Support came last week and put on a great day 'fun game day' for the children. They have sponsored one of our young men through his university degree and it was a lovely moment when he donned his graduation robes to have a photo with them. The group is now supporting another student with her education. We are truly lucky to have friends like these.

The kids like guests coming to see them and love to be entertained and kept busy. Many of our teenagers, particularly the junior high school girls, are finding out what hobbies they like to pursue. We have guitarists, ukulele players, artists, sewing experts, singers, weavers and bakers all in one house and more and more of them are showing an interest in reading in their free time as well. A book is better than a mobile phone, that's for sure! One of the teenage girls, who has designs on becoming a teacher in the future, has expressed an interest in teaching the smaller ones, and Fr. Ole is developing a tight band of ukulele players. The boys love swimming and playing football in the evening, and a few of them are also interested in reading, handicrafts and learning how to cook.

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