Covid 19 reaches Sarnelli House

Perhaps inevitably, Covid 19 has reached Sarnelli House. One of the night staff at the House of Hope nursery tested positive this week, having contracted the virus from her son. The Thai health authorities descended upon the nursery, initiating close contact procedure, immediate lockdown and PCR testing. One of the other night staff and four of the children have tested positive, with all other House of Hope children and staff returning negative results.

Unfortunately, the little ones are all complicated cases. Two are living with profound physical disabilities; one also has HIV and the other a chronic lung problem. And the other two are three and seven months old. All four were taken by emergency van to a special Covid unit in the local hospital where they are being looked after by the two staff who tested positive. About 20 other staff who have visited House of Hope or have had contact with the staff there have been tested and found to be negative for Covid. Three more cohorts of older kids who shared a van with one of the positive night staff are in quarantine in separate rooms and buildings, as we wait for instruction from the authorities.

Fr. Mike’s vaccine appointment is in a fortnight so he is isolating in his house on the 12 rai. Our senior staff have been amazing over the past few days, arranging testing, carrying out ATK tests, organising drivers and quarantine locations, shopping for those in hospital, fielding phone calls and all the while reassuring the worried children. We are lucky to have Kung, Kroo Noi and Kate.

Please keep our four children and two staff members in your thoughts and prayers over the coming days and weeks. We are all very concerned about the small ones. 

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