Another fun weekend at Sarnelli House

The school holidays continue and this past weekend saw lots of different goings-on. Fr. Mike blessed the new house for our junior high school girls. The house is called Our Lady of Refuge. Fr. Mike and all of the staff had a stressful few months upon discovering that a new house was required, but our many friends from around the world once again helped us in our time of need, particularly friends from the Netherlands and the USA. The girls are very happy in their new home and have spent the holidays making bracelets and bags, as well as swimming, badminton, and art and English classes. 

Fr. Ole took the grade school girls and the little boys living next door to play football in the local fields. It was very competitive of course but the girls came out on top, after a penalty shoot out. There were great celebrations and no doubt, the girls have been lording it over their neighbours ever since. Our guests from "Thai Bev" continued their workshops with the kids, teaching sewing and hairdressing. The Sarnelli House boys were courageous enough to sit in front of their friends to allow them to practise. The sewing went well and the girls made cool shoulder bags. Finally, the week ended with a party to say good bye to four Redemptorist brothers who had been staying here at Sarnelli House for four weeks. They now move to work with hill tribes, north of Chiang Mai. We wish them well in their mission.

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