Moving day!

The day of the big move has arrived and the Our Lady of Refuge for girls house in Viengkhuk has finally closed. Our junior high school girls have spent the week packing their bags and have helped to transfer kitchen utensils and other equipment for their new home. Today, they and the staff waved goodbye to their beloved Viengkhuk and relocated to a sparkling, airy and bright residence in the village of Don Wai. They were helped with the transfer by the boys from the farm and from Sarnelli House and the work is nearly complete. The surrounding wall is almost finished but the road in remains to be done. 

The girls are very excited about their new place. They love the big windows, the new beds and mattresses and the sheer cleanliness of the building. They are very happy with the colour and the lay out and spent most of today sweeping, making their beds and filling their wardrobes. Homework desks and computers were relocated, fans were disassembled to be cleaned and tables, chairs, wardrobes and sewing machines were all transported. For the staff, and Sr. Lek in particular, it must have been very hard saying goodbye to a house that gave shelter and safety to dozens of girls, all of whom found warmth, peace and happiness under the guidance and protection of these wonderful women. The new house will provide the same security and love to dozens more. 

Building a new house was an unexpected and expensive obligation for Sarnelli House and we are very grateful to our friends and donors from around the world who have helped. The fundraising and kindness of Stichting Vrienden van Sarnelli in the Netherlands, the Mazza family, Dr. Mike and Kathy Jennings and Reggie Bollich in the USA and countless others who gave what they could have allowed us to solve this problem quickly and without too much stress. We will forever be in your debt.

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