Outreach story

An eleven year old girl from the Outreach Program, who was born with HIV, lives with her grandparents. Her mother died from AIDS four years ago and her father died last year. The girl herself was very sick with AIDS as a toddler but recovered after many months in hospital. Unfortunately, she missed a good few years of school and is well behind in her basic reading and writing the Thai language. In fact, when her poor marks were discovered on her last visit to pick up her school scholarship, it became apparent that she couldn’t read or write. She really wanted to learn however. She also spoke about walking to school and how it would be easier if she had a push bike to cycle there One of the senior high school girls at Sarnelli House is a responsible and clever  young woman. She was given the job of coaching the girl in the Thai alphabet and reading every Saturday for six weeks. The grandmother bought the girl to Don Wai for two  hours every Saturday. It was lovely to see the connection between the teacher and the student as they sat together. The new bicycle duly arrived at the end of the six weeks, courtesy of a generous donor, and all were very pleased with their efforts and results. 

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