Latest News from Sarnelli

As the year progresses and the pandemic continues around the world, Sarnelli House in little Donwai village remains mostly unaffected by the deadlier effects of the pandemic. Life goes on for our kids and the hardworking staff.

The weather is raining and grey, but the colours of the wet season are green and tropical. Everything in the soil grows at a phenomenal rate, and maintenance and upkeep of the grounds surrounding the children’s homes has to be accelerated. Both boys and girls work to unblock drains and cut back vegetation. 

While fundraising efforts are low at this time and there have been no international visitors arriving to Sarnelli House, local groups have been coming to the fore. Last month four rescue groups, including ambulance and police, put on lunch for all the children, and brought donations of clothes and milk, the same weekend a local motorcycle donated money raised for the children. The little ones at House of Hope had a visit by a local government department, who delivered milk and diapers for the children. On another occasion, second hand shoes were donated – perfect for the wet season and a novelty for the children. These generous efforts by the local community are heartening and much appreciated. 

Last month five children were confirmed at Rosario School and they proudly posed for photos with two of the Sarnelli House staff. Cooking classes were held last week as the school holidays began and one of the little ones had her first birthday party.


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