New wheelchairs for two children

Thanks to recent donations over the last six months, we have been able to purchase new wheelchairs for two of our disabled children living at House of Hope.

Nuna is 13 years old and had been growing out of her wheelchair for a while. She cannot walk or speak, and she is blind but she enjoys sitting in her chair and listening to the children playing and the housemothers working around her. She cannot sit up herself, so having a supportive wheelchair for her is good for her overall health. St Patrick’s Parish and St Patrick’s School in Cooma NSW Australia fundraised to buy Nuna’s wheelchair. The Grade 5 kids at the school took on the task and had appeals for Nuna’s new wheelchair to raise funds.

Mary is 4 years old this year and she is also unable to walk due to cerebral palsy. She can grasp things with her hands and understands but cannot verbally communicate. Mary had outgrown her wheelchair as well and her default position is lying on the floor where she can roll over. She has weak neck support for her head and needed a well-fitted wheelchair to suit her needs. Money from her sponsor and a generous donation from a donor from Ireland ensured that a suitable wheelchair could be bought. Now Mary and Nuna are a lot happier and the new purchases have bought a much better quality of life to them both. 


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