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Introducing to Kate

Kate and Cebo

Last year, I wrote an introduction to our Belgian volunteers, Hans and Natacha. Hans and Natacha were with the children in a special way. Natacha is a linguist, and it was not difficult for her to learn Thai and help in the sponsor…

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On Turning Sixty by Jack Shea

Jack Shea celebrating 60th birthday at Sarnelli House

Last summer I began to plan for my 60th birthday. If I did not, the party animal of the house, my wife Maggie, would do the planning for me. And I wanted no part of a party with the well wish…

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Camping 2007

This year, the monsoons started a month late, and should be over by now. An old farm boy like me should have figured out that the monsoons would last a month longer than usual. But it is the three week school vacation. Urchins were begging for ac…

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Cebo Ride VI

Sam and Molly

If the Sarnelli House building could speak, it could tell many tales of individuals or groups who came to improve the lives of its little occupants. The first tale is about our very first nurse Kate Introna, who came and battled th…

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Our Volunteers from Belguim

In November 2005, a Belgian couple came to Sarnelli House. They wanted to volunteer to help the children. November is not the time we usually take volunteers, but they were welcomed and it soon became apparent that they were going to be gems.

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The German Connection

When I first began working with children of AIDS-infected parents, back in 1999, I bought a house just off church property in Viengkhuk. There I housed our first group of kids; 7 girls and a boy. MISSIO/GERMANY gave me a grant to pay for the hous…

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Fr Mike and Kate a Lively Discussion

Kate first came to us in 2002. One of our little guys (Dutch Michael) was dying and I was headed to the U.S. the next day. Nurses at Wattana private hospital had kicked Dutch Michael out that afternoon. I explained to Kate and Crystal (a Canadian…

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Wiengkaew Tongwa

A Lao name. The name of a very unfortunate girl from Laos. Wiengkaew came to our clinic in Viengkhuk three months ago. She was a very pretty, polite and engaging individual. We had her get a blood test, and the outcome was that she had contacted AIDS…

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Father Heinie and The Cookie Girls

In memory of Fr Dick Strass, C.Ss.R. (1933-2004) by Fr Mike

I was contacted in early August to write an article about our AIDS children and their progress. The request came the same day that Father Dick Strass, C.Ss.R., Alaskan and Thailand mi…

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Life Changing Experience by Kate

I worked at Sarnelli House from June 2002 - October 2003 as a volunteer nurse. It was a life changing experience. On my arrival I had no knowledge of the language and very little awareness of the Thai culture. I was faced with 30-orphaned childre…

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Little Michael's Last Night

Dear friends.

On Monday morning of the 22 July 2002, little Michael, passed from our arms into the arms of Jesus. Leaving myself and the Sarnelli staff devastated.

Michael was born with AIDS. His story is similar to the stories of most AIDS…

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Who was Sarnelli?

Sarnelli was a Redemptorist priest who lived in the 18th century. The following is an account of the life of Blessed Gennaro Sarnelli. Please enjoy reading it.

Blessed Gennaro Sarnelli

Gennaro Maria Sarnelli, the son of the Baron of Ciorani, was …

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