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Christmas bazaar at Gersheim Comprehensive School Germany

Angels & Co

This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our famous and very popular Christmas bazaar. Ten years ago this day was established to raise money for Sarnelli House, because word had reached our ears that Father Mike Shea needed mo…

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Rice Harvesting

Up in the North East of Thailand despite the rainy season arriving late and causing a significant  reduction in rice planting this year, most of the fields that were planted have  turned from lush emerald green to golden brown and the rice is rip…

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Keeping the Teeth Clean

In the school holidays this October, four volunteers bravely faced the Sarnelli House kids at 6.30 am, armed with their toothbrushes and toothpaste and new tooth brush and toothpaste sets for the children. The plan was to check out how the kids c…

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Hiew is a 15 year old boy who was previously living with his mother and occasionally staying with a friend in Khon Kaen when he had to visit his doctor. Hiew’s father died of AIDS and his mother and Hiew are living with HIV/AIDS. About 1 year ago…

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Holiday in Koh Samui

After much dreaming and planning solidly for the last 6 months, 12 children from Sarnelli House experienced a one week trip of a lifetime in October this year. Christoph Leonard - General Manager of the Amari Palm Reef Koh Samui and long time sup…

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I Love Thailand TV Program

On the 20th and 21st September 2010 a film crew from Channel 9 Thai TV ('I Love Thailand' Program) came to Sarnelli House. They produce and run a weekly program shown on Sundays at 3pm about foreigners working in Thailand and contributing to Thai…

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Ceboride 2010

The 2010 CEBORIDE held in Wisconsin USA on July 17, was a hot and humid day for the 29 bikers who rode 100 miles in about 7.5 hours. Each of the bikers carried a picture of a Sarnelli House child on their backs to remind them of the purpose of th…

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Rice Planting

Ploughing the fields

With the rainy season scheduled to be dumping rain down to fill the rice paddies and replenish the dry fields, it has been a huge matter for concern that the rains have not yet arrived. In the north east of Thailand where Sa…

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Fr Shea’s Birthday Celebrations

Fr Shea’s birthday celebrations began after mass on Saturday morning on 31st July 2010 at Sarnelli House. This birthday celebration was a big one -   his 6th cycle or 72 years old. Thailand traditionally celebrates birthdays and anniversaries eve…

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Camp - June 2010

On two weekends in June, 16 teenagers all living with HIV/AIDS, from the Jan and Oscar House and Nazareth House attended a camp at Khon Kaen. The camp was run by the Infectious Diseases Team at Srinakarin Hospital in Khon Kaen. This team includes…

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First Aid Training

For three days, from May 25- 27th, 2010, Thai Red Cross came to Sarnelli House to deliver First Aid Training.

The reasons for supporting such a training session for the staff are numerous.   Many of the staff working at Sarnelli House have had…

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Ben's death

A while back, I wrote about a little guy, 13 years old but he looked about 8, named “Ben”. Ben came to us shortly after Piyanoot, and he looked like somebody in Dachau (Nazi prison camp). He was brought in by the staff of the Loei hospital, and t…

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Caring for Noot

Noot, the first one from the left

Noot came to Sarnelli House in January 2010. Her Aunt and cousin came to see Fr Shea while Noot was in hospital. Noot was 16 years old and had only taken ill in the beginning of January,previously she had been  …

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Every once and a while, we take in a gravely ill child that swiftly reminds us of what AIDS is really about. Earlier this year, we took in a 16 year old girl who had AIDS, TB and kidney failure. We did what we always do, namely got her TB under c…

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Samatha Hennessey says

I came here in October 2009 and also April 2010. Words can’t express what a wonderful experience both times have been, the first time I was so scared of what I had put myself up for, but I needn’t have worried.

All the people at Sarnelli …

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Heema's sharing

Heema …..aka Pi Mama

Within the first 5 minutes of my arrival at Sarnelli House I was ambushed by the lovely kids who dressed my hair with flowers. Overwhelming I thought! Well that was just the beginning. Within the first week of my stay I …

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Pattaya Holiday 2010

On the Buses!

The buses left Nongkhai after the 6pm medicines were given out. There were some very excited kids who had packed their clothes, some 2 days before leaving. Bus 1 contained the girls from Vienghuk and the toddlers from House of Ho…

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The Pool

The pool behind the House of Hope has finally been finished, and opening day was today. Thanks to the generous money left to Sarnelli House specifically to build a pool by Creston and Kanya Smith in Creston’s will, and with the financial support …

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Holiday activities for March 2010

Aquarium Visit

A visit to the aquarium in Nongkhai was a must as part of the school holiday activities for the kids of Sarnelli House. We left mid morning in the big school bus on what was to be a hot and blistering day and drove to Nongkhai and t…

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Kids Caring for Kids - Exchange Letters

 Christian Kids in USA and Muslim Kids in Oman Caring for Orphan Kids in Thailand


March 18, 2010

Dear Nazeem, Zakariya, and Iliyas:


Thank you for sharing more about your life (that was a very interesting story about your gra…

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