March 2023 Update


Ever since the arrival of Covid three years ago, we were not able to have the pleasure of having guests, or the blessings from the work of volunteers. All that has changed as we now have four German youths, two boys and two girls, who have come to spend nearly a year, making the children’s days brighter, and the staff’s job easier!

We have our long term (life commitment) volunteers, Kate Introna and Brian O’Riordan, who have learned Thai and who take on many responsibilities, since Kate is a nurse and Brian in the field of education. Brian also writes our reports and helps greatly with funding. Kate also guides the young volunteers and runs the Outreach program. At age 85, I am more than happy to see them take up other tasks as well. We recently had two young ladies from the University of Wisconsin here who are studying Medicine and they were here to teach hygiene classes to our staff as well as monitor the health and medical problems of some of the children. They were young and enthusiastic, and we welcomed their presence and the great lessons they gave. We hope that we can receive more young people like this from UW. We also have two young Thai ladies who finished Teachers’ Training College and who must wait until the end of this school year before taking exams to be government teachers. They do a wonderful job in teaching some of our slower kids, as well as workshops in Thai classical dance, and in teaching manners to the kids and how to show respect to their elders. 

Finally, we have Ben and Angelique Ummels, from Holland, who are here for seven months to work with our four physically disabled children, as well as helping with the physical needs of villagers left incapacitated by accidents of strokes, etc. We are lucky with our volunteers, and God blessed us with a very loyal and efficient staff. All in all, we are blessed with our helpers, and hope that their example rubs off on the kids.

The cold season has thankfully moved on. Temperatures have moved on from 9, 10, 11 degrees up to more comfortable weather. I used to love the cold season, but now, at 85 years of age, I don’t care for the part of the year at all!

God bless you all!


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