December 2019 Visitors

Students from RIS school in Bangkok came for their annual two day visit,  after they had fundraised for Sarnelli House. Some of the students were here for their third visit. They went shopping and spent the money raised on underwear, sports equipment and other goods for the children. We are very grateful for their continued support.

Emmy from The Netherlands returned to visit, and despite being away from Thailand for a number of years, she was welcomed back by all the children wo knew her.

Karen, George and Oliver from the UK came again for their Christmas visit and reconnected with everyone for their stay. They have developed a strong relationship with the children and the staff over their many visits and we are always pleased to see them. Thank you Oliver for being so forgiving of the boy sitting on your shoulders - we all thought he was toilet trained!

Caitlyn – a niece of Fr. Mike and her friend Alissa from the USA - spent Christmas with the kids and enjoyed all the festivities. We were very happy to have them here.

Khun Jum and her two friends from Bangkok sponsored the Christmas lunch feast for the children during their regular Christmas visit. Thank you all for such a lovely treat.

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