January & February Visitors

Things were quieter on the visitor front for the first two months of the year. Our first visitor was Bronte Healy from Australia. She is the niece of Kate's sister-in-law and has training as both a nurse and as a paramedic so brought a fresh pair of eyes to the work at Sarnelli House. She and Kate had some nice time together and Bronte made good contributions to the kids' healthcare and the Outreach project. Thank you for your visit Bronte! 

We were delighted to welcome Alex and her family for a short visit. Alex was a volunteer many years ago and wanted to show Sarnelli House to her husband and children. Even though her time here was over 15 years ago, many of the staff remembered Alex and she had a wonderful time playing with the kids and taking a trip down memory lane. She and her family also made very kid donations to the children. Thank you Alex - hopefully it won't be as long before your next visit!

Vincent Wieland, who is volunteer co-ordinator at Redemptorist Volunteer Ministries, Bonn Germany came to check in on Lisa (Gulap) and Benedikt, our two super volunteers from his organisation. He had some time playing with the kids and meeting our staff before taking his two charges to a seminar to reflect on their time here. We are very proud of our relationship with RVM and are grateful to Vincent and his team for sending such excellent volunteers to us.

Tommy Kelly and Jai, from Ireland, long time friends of Sarnelli House came for a quick visit and donated funds to buy much needed chairs for the toddlers at House of Hope to sit in for meals. Thank you!!


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